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Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry

An extremely thorough presentation of all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.  A good insight into the Pharma industry, done in an interesting and enthusiastic way.  All of the information was very useful and the format was great.  Excellent - loved it!


For people who need a broader understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. administrative staff or other Professionals looking to advance their career, Coachwise Consultants offers a range of workshops from one to three days duration to provide this insight.

We also offer open programmes on the Pharmaceutical Industry offering the opportunity to network with other industry professionals whilst learning about the industry within which you work.

Programmes can be focused on either the UK or the global industry depending upon your need.

What People Say

“Professional, knowledgeable, interesting trainer. Well conducted seminar. A really useful insight into aspects of the industry with which I was unfamiliar.”
“Thanks for the wonderful presentation. It was a thorough (but not overwhelming) intro into the industry, which was very helpful. ”
“Phil has excellent knowledge and presentation skills. A GREAT TRAINER!”
“Great content, great knowledge, well presented, great day. Very interesting and informative. Phil is an amazing trainer!

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