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Speaker Briefing Skills

“Incredibly useful to explore some of the techniques involved in negotiation and preparing for dialogue with a potential / ongoing Advocate.”
“I’ve had a number of calls today from delegates on yesterdays course – so complimentary about you and the course and how beneficial they found it!”

Speaker Briefing Skills

A proactive account-focused approach to organising and implementing speaker meetings improves both return on investment and the quality of relationships between the industry and Advocates.  This workshop is designed around the skills of contracting, negotiation and offering feedback.  

Learning objectives

 Following this one day skills development workshop, participants will … 

  • Know what ‘good looks like’ and demonstrate this thereafter
  • Follow an agreed process of briefing comprising a series of face to face meetings with the speaker, each with a specific objective
  • Assertively agree meeting objectives and key content with the speaker using a ‘focus chart’
  • Negotiate meeting objectives and content with the speaker and be prepared not to use a speaker if a win-win is not achievable
  • Work with the speaker to develop key content and slides which support the meeting objectives
  • Understand the ABPI code as it relates to speaker meetings
  • Appreciate the logistics involved in organising a speaker meeting and follow a check-list to improve efficiency
  • Facilitate slide and meeting approval in a timely and efficient manner
  • Offer feedback professionally to the speaker after the meeting, further developing the relationship and advocacy for future engagement
  • Develop a greater number of Advocates to speak for your organisation
  • Leave the workshop with a specific action plan to implement locally with the support of their line manager including agreed metrics to monitor progress and improvement 


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