Medical Representatives' Initial Training Programmes - Coachwise

Medical Representatives' Initial Training Programmes

Coachwise Consultants designs and if required, facilitates representatives' initial training programmes for your company, to support either existing products or new product launches.

In this respect we support your in-house capability, enabling you to release your own trainers to address other commercial objectives within your organisation.

We design the training programme in liaison with your specialist staff and then facilitate their input and the learning process within a stimulating and exciting environment.  We incorporate accelerated learning techniques to reinforce particiants' skills and knowledge and continuously monitor their progress to ensure that they achieve a pre-determined level of proficiency by the end of the programme.

If required Coachwise will also produce disease area and product training manuals and will support your internal resource to whatever extent is required.

What People Say

“I would like to thank you for your outstanding management and implementation of the recent Representatives' training programme. It was an extremely intensive course with a steep learning curve but had exactly the desired effect - a team of highly trained and well motivated (albeit exhausted) people prepared to sell as much product as possible. From start to finish your input was exemplary. Well done and thank you!”

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