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Balancing Performance and Pressure at Work

We all behave differently under pressure and this workshop is incredibly useful both for recognising your own response to stress and for helping you to identify signs of stress in others.  

In this workshop you will learn how people behave under pressure and consider a variety of coping strategies to adopt to enhance performance in the work place.

Within the workshop we explore

  • A definition of stress
  • The total load principle
  • How people react personally and noticing the warning signals
  • Physical and emotional responses
  • How to cope with stress and suggested mechanisms
  • How to communicate with others when stressed
  • How to handle client complaints
  • How to manage time more effectively
  • How to manage stress so that you feel better

The workshop is highly interactive with a focus on specifc scenarios faced by the participants within their role.                                                           

This programme is also available as an open (public) workshop.  Please contact us for dates.

What People Say

“I learned that I may unwittingly allow pressure at work to adversely affect my behaviour and specifically how I behave towards others. I am now more self-aware and I also appreciate how to notice when others are feeling unduly pressured. The discussion around coping strategies was excellent and incredibly useful. A terrifically useful workshop for any professional. ”

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