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ABPI Exam Coaching Workshop

This open one day workshop is scheduled every two months and offers practical support to candidates preparing to sit the UK ABPI Medical Representatives’ Examination. 

The key content of the day includes:

  • A review of the candidates’ approach to learning
  • Learning styles and strategies
  • Kolb’s learning cycle
  • Adult learning principles
  • Accelerated learning
  • Brain dominance theory
  • Mind-mapping and associative learning techniques
  • Analogies, acronyms, metaphors
  • Memory techniques

We review and discuss some of the chapters within the exam syllabus, demystifying terminology and practising learning.

Preparation for the workshop

Candidates must have registered with the AABPI for the exam and they bring with them their exam materials.   They complete a learning styles questionnaire which is sent out in advance and also prepare to lead a discussion around one specific topic within the syllabus.

For more information or to book a place, please contact jude@coachwise.co.uk

Location:  Brewood, Staffordshire

2017 dates:

  • 27th April
  • 26th June
  • 25th August
  • 30th October

What People Say

“Hello Phil. I sat my morning exam last week and passed. So that’s me fully ABPI qualified now! Got to be one of the biggest reliefs ever! Once again, thank you so much for your help, the techniques and tips we covered with you really helped. Your input was invaluable.

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