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Sarah Hutt

Sarah Hutt

After completing a degree in biochemistry 25yrs ago, Sarah began her career in the pharmaceutical industry as a Medical Representative before being promoted to ETMS Training Executive and then Product & Sales Training Executive Sarah’s passion for marketing began 18 years ago as Product Manager at Wyeth before progressing to Senior Product Manager Group Product Manager and Marketing Manager, ultimately becoming Immunology Business Unit Director (Amgen) and Marketing Director (Napp Pharmaceuticals).

As a Marketing Director Sarah built and led large multi-disciplinary teams comprising Brand Marketing, NHS Market Access, Brand Communications and Business Intelligence. Sarah’s teams were awarded a number of industry awards. After operating at Director level for more than 5 years, Sarah is a confident and experienced people manager and a dynamic and interactive trainer / facilitator / presenter.

Sarah is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and although her particular interest is strategic development, she has worked across all stages of the brand life-cycle. Sarah focuses on gaining insights and developing processes to facilitate rigorous thinking, clear strategic development, robust planning, disciplined implementation and demonstrable return on investment via appropriate metrics and KPI’s.

Sarah has worked with a wide range of healthcare companies from Global ‘Top 5’ through mid-size to biotech start-ups. Sarah’s healthcare marketing experience covers human health (pharmaceuticals and biologics), animal health (pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines, nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals) and aqua health (vaccines).