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Lindsey Boundy

Lindsey Boundy

BA (Hons)

Lindsey is a dedicated and passionate training professional and coach who began her career in pharmaceutical sales. With over 15 years of commercial experience in sales, sales management and training and development, Lindsey is able to bring genuine insight and realism to the support she offers. She uses tailored solutions, creative techniques and innovative ideas to enhance her coaching and training interventions. By providing practical and interactive sessions, she facilitates positive-impact coaching and training, benefitting individuals and organisations alike.

Lindsey specialises in Sales Excellence, Personal Effectiveness and Coaching: focusing on core skills, effective communication and the role of personality types within our interactions. Her consultative approach ensures the design and delivery of customised development programs which meet the specific needs of the client and ensure that individuals are supported and encouraged to embed and implement their new skills in a way that feels authentic to them.

Lindsey is recognised and has been awarded for her exceptional sales, leadership and coaching skills. She creates a safe yet challenging environment that enables clients to develop, find their own style and maximise their performance.